More than hundred local restaurants and drinking offer Lao, Chinese, Thai and Western style food, choose one of the restaurants located along the main road. Excellent Lao coffee and baguettes are also available throughout the day. Some famous local food and beverages are Kao Soi (Soft rice noodle soup), bitter bamboo shoot soup and rattan dipping sauce from Luang Namtha’s fresh market, Lao Hai (rice wine in a jar) and the ubiquitous Lao Lao.

Luang Namtha Night Market
Luang Namtha night market in located in the center of the town where local villagers from different ethnic minority groups around Luang Namtha offer unique local foods and handicraft. The night market opens every day evening and is good place to visit and eating typical Lao dishes. The local handicraft from Tai Dam, Tai Deang, Khmu, Tai Lue, Akha and Lanten are available over there.


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