Whether you come down on foot or by car to this little gem of homegrown bungalows, the awe you feel is the same. It is Not the Little House on the Prairie, but in the Green Valley! The lush vegetation in the garden, and the mountains in the backdrop speak of pristine chapters. This little Garden of Eden is the domain of young man with a vision for whom some of his dreams have come true. Making people feel at home in a natural setting was one of those dreams, he had. There are five bungalows lined-up along a footpath starting from the main ‘courtyard’ to the number five. They are jungle like hidden and exteriorly decorated with a neat well-maintained little orchard. The bananas are within arm’s reach and hanging in front of the porch step-up. They might give you that tidbit of a jungle-feel about the whole setting, where you are the priority and concern for the owners. Read more


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